Market Leading API

Vehicle discovery, valuation, specification and much more programatically. 

Programmatic access to the entire market powering your UX.

A Paradigm Shift In Auto Data


Finding the vehicle is as easy as a VIN or Registration Search. Fall back to our powerful fuzzy text or drop-down style searching 


After identifying the vehicle you can request it’s  Valuation, Specification and additional metadata.


Build on your discovery and extrapolation steps by enhancing with market metrics or a vehicles entire history online.

Vehicle Discovery

Choose the discovery method that suits your workflow. With an array of options available, you will be able to find the right tool for the job.

Smart Valuations

With as little as two inputs we can give you accurate retail and trade valuations. Informed by market, trend, and macroeconomic data sources our valuations are far more than an average.

Vehicle History

Unpack a vehicle’s journey and lifecycle through the marketplace. We can share listing events, price movement, odometer rollback anomalies and much more.

Enhanced Specifications

Go further than basic descriptive data and leverage 100+ fields of data on every vehicle. Power your UX so it’s aware of contexts like EV battery capacity, P-Plate status and more. 

Interact With AutoGrab Tools

Want to get data like customers or leads into our apps? You can interact with them via the API to personalise your own experiences.

Developer Support 

With dedicated solutions architects ready to support you before, during and after development we are poised to assist you. 


James Clarke, Head of Sourcing at RocketCars

Our Product Suite

We exist to advance the Automotive Industry through Data-Driven Connectivity. We are dedicated to revolutionising the automotive industry by seamlessly connecting networks, markets, and knowledge.

Leverage our advanced pricing model to get retail and trade pricing in seconds.
Be the first to know when a car you sold returns to the public market.
Price your entire fleet and model residuals over the long run to make smarter decisions.
Leverage our advanced pricing model to get retail and trade pricing in seconds.
Centralise all your vehicle listings whatever marketplace they are on.
Get critical information in a handy format about a vehicle your looking to purchase.
Send smart outbound campaigns to customer buying cars like never before.
Get access to a member only dealer to dealer network to buy cars fast.
Insurers can use PAV to uncover a vehicles true value as part of a claims process.
Autogauge is a new product that is coming soon...

Let us help you navigate the market

If your not comparing the entire market your missing the whole picture.

Powerful data on the entire market at your fingertips

Market leading price prediction model

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