Fleet Pricing and Residuals

Proactively monitor your portfolio and enhance risk management practices.

Realtime Fleet Pricing

Price hundreds of vehicles in an instant and monitor their values over time

How Fleet Pricing Works

Insights, in bulk

Upload fleets of hundreds or thousands of vehicles and generate market-based pricing in a matter of moments

Valuation Periods

Select the valuation period, kilometres per year and total years of depreciation to produce instant residual valuations for thousands of vehicles at a time.


Utilise the insight to enhance the evaluation of your current/ future portfolio and take a proactive risk management approach.

Customise & Create Scenarios

Our tool allows you to upload fleet vehicle data and create scenarios based on influential political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental (PESTLE) factors to see what the overall value of your inventory looks like from right now to 6 years in the future.

Manage multiple fleets

Manage multiple fleets at the same time, each with potentially hundreds or thousands of vehicles.

“AutoGrab has been a valuable addition to the Autoleague group of dealers, offering essential real-time market insights that enhance our ability to make more accurate and efficient purchasing decisions.”


Our Product Suite

AutoGrab enhances operations through products tailored for vehicle sourcing, acquisition, customer outreach, valuation, in-depth market and inventory analysis, and optimised retail and wholesale selling strategies.

View every listing in one spot with the only sourcing tool for every marketplace.
Leverage our advanced pricing model to get retail and trade pricing in seconds.
Be the first to know when a car you sold returns to the public market.
Price your entire fleet and model residuals over the long run to make smarter decisions.
Insurers can use PAV to uncover a vehicles true value as part of a claims process.

Let us help you navigate the market

If your not comparing the entire market your missing the whole picture.

Powerful data on the entire market at your fingertips

Market leading price prediction model

Web products or APIs to power your experiences